TreasureMiners: Get 100% Of Your Investment In 16days

Who ever said money couldn’t buy happiness simply didn’t know where to go shopping! Sign up on TreasureMiners on October 1 to make money!

What Is TreasureMiners?

TreasureMiners is a progressive distributed framework, planned with its members at heart, on a fundamental level to help change the financial status of a huge number of individuals everywhere around the globe. It’s a brainchild of energetic and excited people who have chosen to pool their insights together towards finding a reasonable and practical vehicle to financial freedom. It is spearheaded and controlled by energetic and eager people who have chosen to cooperate towards finding a reasonable means to financial freedom, strengthened to keep going a drawn out stretch of time to preserve the system / loss of your hard earned cash.


The system has been tested and is currently being tested still to make sure there are no glitches when launched as your peace of mind and trust is firsthand important to the TreasureMiners team.

Features Of The System

• SSL certificate 256bit (top internet security for users).

• 24hr customer live chat support .

• 100% profit of your donation in 16 days (Local currency / Naira).

• Strong Re-commitment Policy.

• 20% up front installment to check unseriousness.

• 48hr time frame.

• Minimum donation as low as N10,000 and maximun as high as N500,000.

• Referral bonus.

How It Works

Accepting you wish to donate treasure worth 50k to get 100k, you would first be matched to make a 20% initial installment of your 50k donation. This is a safety effort that is being set up to pursue out phony members and unserious people. In the wake of paying the installment of the 20%, you’ll to be required to pay the staying 80% whenever, during your 16day term.

Treasureminers 2

On withdrawal date, you’ll be required to recommit half (50%) of your past donation before you withdraw. During this period you would be asked to pay out 20% of your past donation then the staying 30% will be coordinated very quickly after your 20% has been confirmed, you’ll be required to Mine/Gh the 100% of yourdonation in a split second after which you would be required to finish the staying half of your new donation whenever during the 16day term.




Referral Commission

Customary members get a one-time reward of 5% from their direct downlines while the individuals who have up to 30 downlines naturally turn into MENTORS and will be qualified for an existence time reward!

Important Notice: Participants Who Don’t Donate Treasure Of At Least Half Of Their Bonuses Won’t Be Qualified To Mine Any Of Their Bonuses


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