How To Recall Already Sent WhatsApp Messages On Android

Whatsapp recall

Good day readers! Today, I introduce this to you, how to recall already sent messages on WhatsApp. This might come in handy when you mistakenly send a message to someone.

WhatsApp talked about implementing this feature early this year, but as at now, this feature is only available in WhatsApp mods. WhatsApp mods can do amazing things like sending several file formats not usually supported.

Straight to the tutorial:

1. Download GB WhatsApp

2. Install and get started. Verify your number normally. 

3. Open chat with anybody. 

4. Send a message to the person.

5. To recall, highlight the message by pressing and holding it down.  Tap menu (the three dots)

WhatsApp recall 1

6. Tap Recall 

WhatsApp recall 2

7. There you have it!

Enjoy and share!

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