If You Crave Time Alone, You’re Probably Much Smarter Than You Think

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Science tells us that humans crave community, acceptance and belonging. There have been numerous studies done to show that when animals are abandoned or left alone, they die.

The same is thought to be true of people as well.

But an emerging body of evidence suggests that people who rely on others for their happiness, are not as smart as those people who choose to go it alone.

In fact, some studies have shown that people who long to be alone are much smarter than the average person.

So if you crave your alone time, you are probably much smarter than you think.

One study found that people who were considered highly intelligent were less happy, more anxious and less productive when more people were around.

Socialization was not a source of happiness for them, like it is for the average person. There are thought to be several reasons for this:

  • Greater levels of intelligence allow people to adapt quickly to their environment and can easily entertain themselves without getting bored.
  • The smarter you are, the more time you want to focus on your life’s goals; you don’t like to be distracted with silly things that take away from what really makes you happy: progress.
  • Another reason could be that they don’t require the approval of other people to be happy. Socialization is about acceptance and avoiding judgement; people who are highly intelligent don’t buy into what society thinks of them.
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It could be that people who are really smart use their alone time to reflect and reconcile events and incidents so they can learn from them.

Afterall, people who fly by the seat of their pants can get things done, but if you want them to last you need to have a plan in place.

Smart people don’t mind sitting down with a notebook and pen and drafting ideas, thoughts, and plans to make things a reality.

Intelligent people are often more reserved and quieter than the average Joe, and one reason for this is they are taking in their surroundings and processing the information in a different way than the rest of us do.

Intelligent people know that things are happening for them, and not to them, and so they are less likely to play the victim card, or want to be around people who play the victim card in life, work and relationships.

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So if you find yourself gravitating toward your desk or cozy corner on a Friday night rather than lining up shooters at the local bar, you might be surprised to find your are much smarter than you thought you were.

How you choose to use the little time we have on earth says a lot about you, and if you choose to use it alone and in an effective way, it could point to your intelligence and ability to persevere for the long run. After all, you like people, but you don’t need them to tell you how great you are!

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