How To Get A Girlfriend: 3 Tips To Make Her Choose You

Are you lacking experience and feel too shy around girls? Or maybe you have been single for some time now and are willing to come back onto the dating scene? Love is the most amazing thing in the world and you have found the right place to help you. Look no further; all the best ideas are here in a one simple to-do list. You will see how easy it is to get a girlfriend and make her to fall in love with you. Follow our tips and tricks and soon enough you will be able to have any girl you like.



It is time to leave shyness and embarrassment behind and get you out there. We can tell you one secret; most people have to deal with shyness at some point. So how to find a girlfriend? The trick is to get over the initial awkwardness and to believe in yourself, you have the right to be happy. It is not about how many times you fail it is about how many times you get up and move on. Some women might turn you down. But we have to warn you it might take a few painful failures before you gain confidence. But it is all worth it, after all nothing is sexier than confidence right?


We will look through the most common ways of finding partners. Think outside the box some of the tips might be just what you need.

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– Dating apps or websites. These days it is super easy to get a girlfriend online and also it can be at no cost if you are using  free dating sites, but you have to be ready to go on quite a few dates before you get to find the one. Another great thing is that it is easy to specify your search according to what are you looking a serious relationship or good way to spend the summer. However this way is not for shy guys, it might be hard for you to take the relationship to the next level and actually ask your new acquaintance for the next step.

– Among friends. Going after a girl that is your friend or just an acquaintance seems to be a great option. You have known each other for some time; you have already made an impression of each other. It will be easy to find opportunities to meet her, thus you can communicate freely. And you can have many common topics to discuss. This also works for really shy guys; since you know the girl you will not feel as awkward around her.
Getting a girlfriend in your high school is the best option if you are a student; you have lots of students around you to socialize with. Club Just keep in mind that once you break up with that girl that might cause tension around your friends that would have to pick sides.

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– Club scene. It seems like clubs have always been associated with meeting sexy women. But is it a good option of you need a girlfriend? Well of course most men justify their choice by alcohol; it makes you feel braver and makes girls loose. But there are more pros than cons, first of all beautiful women in the clubs and bars usually get approached for a few times every night. Secondly girls are looking for fun rather than a serious relationship. And last but not the least women look sexier with poor lightning, lots of makeup and skimpy clothes. However talking to girls in a club is the best way to get over your anxiety and shyness. Who knows maybe you will actually find your love in a club.


Remember that confidence is the key. Approaching girls might be hard at first especially if she is really cute and you like her. Relax and try to have fun, do not pressure her, smile and talk to her in a calm voice. Be yourself, a genuine compliment always works. If you do not understand what confidence means you will not understand how to make girls want you. If a first step seems to be too hard for you think about James Bond for example, he never had issues with women.


A good sense of humor is a must. Girls love it when guys make them laugh, even if you are an average guy a good sense of humor can make you really sexy. Be yourself around women and remember not to go too far with your jokes. And keep in mind, the jokes you use around your male friends might not work for the ladies.

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Find your own style. Women might be attracted to status guys but do not let that intimidate you. Look through your wardrobe to get rid of all the worn out unattractive stuff, wear clean and simple pieces. In case you cannot pick anything you like use some of the famous people as an example.
Now you know how to get a girl, but keep in mind that you have to be proactive and use our advices in order to succeed. After all you have to work hard for anything in life.

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