3 Most Common Lies Men Tell In General

Some findings hold it that men are naturally lairs and that there are some very common lies men tell. With the increase in dating culture, they tend to do what ever it takes to get hold of what they want. He says you look great in that dress, that he loves you and your friends and you are the best thing he’s ever had, but should you believe him? This piece intends on showing the top 3 lies men tell and what they’re really thinking.

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Common Lies Men Tell

Lies On Matters Of Trust

This is an important factor in all matters of the heart and here’s why; men lie to women and women lie to men in matters of trust. Most people agree that some lying is even necessary to avoid petty squabbles and to grease the wheels of the relationship but there are crucial differences in the lies women tell and the ones men tell in this case – trust. some o the lies men tell is just to build or grow a level of trust for the woman they are with at that moment. The most popular lie here is denying high body counts (Ex Girlfriends).

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Lies Of Ego

Men lie to build themselves up or to conceal something. Women need to know the kinds of lie men tell to build ego. This ego sometimes is to make them appealing to you as a lady. They can drum up records and stories depending on the psych evaluation they have of you. Men want to be in control, so they would tell you things to make them look like they are. Let him that’s if you like him though.

Lies Relating To Sex

I am sure you know some these lines already; “…I know it’s late, but it’s Friday. I just want some company”. Here is another one “I am not necessarily just trying to get in your pants” Or he could say, “…of course sex wasn’t the only thing on my mind when l first met you, I’m not even that shallow”. Anytime a man says these lines, he wants sex. So be sure whether you want it too before making a decision to be him or not. If he really just wants to talk he will invite you to have coffee with him in the morning or lunch in the noon. If a man wants you to allow him to come over to your place late on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday night, there is almost a 100% chance that he is going to make a move on you sexually. You know that already, right? smiles. Even when men pretend sex is not on their minds… It is!!. When a man first becomes acquainted with a woman of interest the thing on his mind is exchanging orgasms with that woman at some point in the near or future so does a lady. Ladies know they would demand sex even when they say “I can be in a relationship without sex…

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Lies being told by men are numerous but believe me, I have been able to establish some of the most popular ones, basically the top 3 lies men tell. If you any more please drop in the comment box below… until next time.

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